Top 10 things, ideas of what to do in Ljubljana

Ideas, Sugestions:

  • Get to know why Ljubljana holds the title of European Green Capital: parks, nature protected areas, dense forest areas, exceptional environmental awareness.
  • Get to know Masterpieces of the architect Jože Plečnik – One of the main creators of some of the unique details of nowadays Ljubljana.
  • Get to know Ljubljana urban details like for example: along Ljubljanica river - “Ljubljana coastline”, Old Ljubljana, where you could use imagination and travel backward in time, Ljubljana Squares – great example for Combination of urban scenery and urban parks. Streets and suburbs like Trubarjeva street: Because there is a great offer of Slovenian and international restaurants, bars, bookshops, etc. Luxurious villa quarter: On Prešeren street is part of the city where is the seat of many embassies and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia. The suburb of Krakovo: It is unique because You can see old village streets, houses and their gardens.
  • Get to know why Ljubljana is Slovenia cultural center: impressive Cultural institutions and rich contemporary art scene and sustainability alternative projects.
  • Get to know Ljubljana popular urban culture and alternative scene - interesting part of the diversity that Ljubljana can offer.
  • Get to know Ljubljana Central Market – observe where the locals shop, meet and socialize especially on Saturdays and do it their way. Once per week you can get the experience of now already legendary Open Kitchen food market.
  • Get to know Slovenian and Ljubljana cuisine – You can experience in Ljubljana huge diversity od Slovenian cuisine. From traditional to modern ways of preparation of it.
  • Get to know Ljubljana Specialty Coffee. For locals let’s go for a coffee means let’s socialize and thanks to that you can find in Ljubljana many nice spots where you can socialize beside s good coffee.
  • Get to know Ljubljana the best view spots of Ljubljana: Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana Old sky scraper, Šmarna Gora.
  • Get to know why some are saying that Ljubljana is the energetic belly button of Europe.